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The Diamond Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charitable organization.  The foundation was created in 2003 with the goal of enhancing scholarship opportunities for youth in our local community.  Since its inception, the foundation has provided scholarships annually.   Through its scholarship programs and grants, the foundation has provided over $200,000 in awards .  We believe that the investment in our youth is the greatest service that we can provide.  We know that such an investment will grow multi-fold to create our next generation of engineers, educators, business leaders, physicians and lawyers. In addition to our scholarship program, we proudly support the New Brunswick Alumni Kappa League Program.  This is youth development and mentoring program for young men from 7th to 12th grade which focuses on academic preparedness, leadership training and personal etiquette and accountability.  The Diamond Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of the New Brunswick Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

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The Board of Directors recently approved a proposal for a new program called the Youth Employment Training Program (Y.E.T.P.)  This program would provide young people opportunities to work in jobs at interns or apprentices.  The foundation would work with the employment sponsor and pay half of the salary of the student.  This program will give young people an opportunity to gain valuable first-hand experience in their desired field.  These opportunities will enhance that person's knowledge, experience and network in a given field.  The foundation plans to launch this program in 2022.

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The Board of Directors is proud to announce plans for a youth career forum.  Many students gain exposure to career paths from panel discussions and speakers at their schools.  What if there was one large event where students could interact and engage with a large number of professionals.  The Diamond Foundation Youth Career Day will serve as a venue to expose middle school students to a bevy of career options.  There will be interactive sessions and center stage demonstrations.  There will be breakout sessions to allow students to focus on areas of interest.  We believe the only barrier to a career is the exposure.

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