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Marshall B. Simmons was born in Jersey City, New Jersey on March 11, 1949 to Symon and Margaret Simmons.  He is the eldest of two children.  He received is primary education in the Jersey City public education system until ninth grade.  He subsequently moved to Annapolis, Maryland and received his high school diploma in 1967.  He attended Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland where he majored in business administration, received his bachelor of science degree in 1971.  While at Morgan State, he was a member of the ROTC.  After graduation he was stationed in Augusta, Georgia as a member of the United States Army Signal Corp with the rank of second lieutenant.  He was honorably discharge from the United States Army in  1972.


Brother Simmons worked for the Xerox Corporation and 3M Corporation as a salesman. He worked with Dean Witter as a stock broker as well as a financial planning representative for the Madison Financial Group.  Brother Simmons' many professional experiences allowed him to become an entrepreneur and open his own business as an independent financial consultant with the Financial Network Investment Corporation in 1998 in Somerset, NJ.


Brother Simmons married the former Mary Cox on August 17, 1974 in Baltimore, MD.  They reside in Somerset, NJ and have three children.  He joined Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. on  April 22, 1971 as a member of the Alpha Iota Chapter at Morgan State University.  He has been a member of the Dayton and Augusta Alumni Chapters.  He joined the New Brunswick Alumni Chapter in 1987.  He has served the chapter as the Polemarch (President), Vice Polemarch (Vice President) and Keeper of Exchequer (Treasurer).  He has served the fraternity diligently on the local and provincial level.  For his hard work and commitment, he was recognized with the Northeastern Province's highest fraternal award, the James M. Kidd Award in 2003.  He received a Kappa Man's greatest personal reward when his son, Marques, was initiated into the fraternity in 2003.  Brother Simmons passed away in 2020.  The DIAMOND Foundation, Inc recognizes Brother Simmons for his exemplary service and commitment to achievement. 


The Marshall B. Simmons Scholarship Award will be presented annually to a member of the graduating class of the Kappa Leadership League.




  • Must be a graduating graduating high school senior who plan to attend a four-year institution of higher learning.  Students must either have selected a college or completed the application process. 

  • A minimum GPA necessary for scholarship consideration is 2.50.

  • All Application packets muxt be complete including the application, two letters of recommendation, an official high school transcript and essay.

  • All materials must be received by the application deadline.,

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